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Build your full-time online team with us

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Online Team with Us

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Build your full-time online team with us

Hire Virtual FullTime Employees

in Ukraine

  1. Rent an office
  2. Equip it with tables, chairs, computers, kitchen etc
  3. Hire HR
  4. Make advertisements
  5. Run hundreds of interviews and hire only few people
  6. Manage office on a daily basis - cleaning, coffee, etc

with Remote Helpers

  1. Choose CV
  2. Run an interview
  3. Sign Contract
  4. Ready to go!

Working Effectively with Virtual Employees

Our candidates can work both in day and evening shifts so they will be exactly in your time zone

Our prices:

per month, 160 working hours

(employee's salary, workspace, equipment, fee included)

Available marketing employees

How we work

We propose the complete solution for hiring people in Digital Marketing. Our remote employees can work in your time zone, full time (8 hours per day) or part time (4 hours per day) and are waiting to meet you at the interview.

We Despite lack of experience our candidates fully compensate it with their enthusiasm, strong analytical skills and a high level of English. They are eager to learn new things and improve their skills constantly.

To make the process of hiring employees easier you can just use Remote Helpers’ services and hire people inside our offices within several days. We already did all the hard work for you! All our offices are fully equipped for day to day work.

Our advantages


  • Don’t start work in time
  • Don’t come to work
  • Offline when you need to contact them
  • Difficulties with payments
  • Can disappear
  • Impossible to replace


Our candidates

  • Passed basic introduction of online work
  • English-speaking
  • Always online
  • Do their best to achieve good results
  • Provide you with reports
  • Possible to replace any time

Our clients

  • Atlassian Solutions (Copywriters, Lead Generation Managers)

  • Software Development (Front Ends)

  • Investment Company (Personal Assistants)

  • ESports Betting (PR Managers),Games Development (Unity Developers, Lead Generators), Media Companies (Media Buyers, Account Managers, AdOps, BizDevs)

  • Cloaking Services (WordPress Developers, Designers and PM), Media Companies (Media Buyers, Account Managers, AdOps, BizDevs)

  • Facebook Advertising Companies (Copywriters, SMM Managers) App with 150M users (Support, QA, Product Managers) Online Shops (Content Managers, Web Developers)

  • Photographers Community (photo retouchers), Medical Exhibition (ambassadors, personal assistants)

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