Full-time remote Back-End developers

Full-time  Back-end developer is an employee who deals with the software and administrative part of a web application, the internal content of the system, server technologies — the database, architecture, and software logic.

Our remote back-end developers work with programming languages such as PHP and Node.js (includes JavaScript for internal programming), Python, and others can be used for server programming.

Back-end developer
Android Angular C – C# CSS HTML Java Java Script SQL

When you hire our remote back-end developers, you will get an employee who will be able to:

Automatic notification

Our remote back-end developers automate the process of sending electronic emails to confirm registration or accept orders, which is an integral part of customer feedback

Data validation

Our back-end developers create processes that check the correctness of the entered data before performing server-side settings.

Access to databases

Our employees are responsible for streamlining the database access process so that the website loads as quickly as possible and its functionality runs as quickly as possible.

The control server logic

Our remote employee will monitor the main functions of the site type: user authentication. Verify that the user’s account information is correct, that they have permission to access the information, and so on.

Order processing.Order processing on the site without errors. Optimize: make sure that all the functionality of the website is not only working, but also working as fast as possible.

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