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Alla Z.

Hello! My name is Alla, I live in Kyiv, Ukraine, and I’m 33 years old. I work as a designer about 9 years. Mostly in retail networks. Last 4 years I’ve worked in Big Drowning network. 3 years as packager designer and more than 1 year as a head of design. I have 4 designer in my team. About my responsibilities. First my responsibility was to implement new shops format to improve it and adapt it to customers’ needs. I created indoor and outdoor signboards, different promo materials and equipment. Secondly it was to create ideas and get visuals for big scale and small scale formats, to adapt them to a different needs of communications like billboards, showcases, post materials, digital and social networks. Packaging was also my responsibility. At least I had a lot of different tasks like creating guidelines, presentations, some UA design, calendars, postcards and so on. I’m looking for a full-time job. I am responsible, focused on result and creative human.

Work Experience

Remote Helpers
September 2020 &#8212 present
Logo design, landing page design, creating graphic ads for social networks.

Sumatra-LTD LLC, Cosmo
Head of the design Bureau
May 2019 &#8212 August 2020
Implementation/customization/support of new format stores Cosmo “Only wave”, opening of 3 stores in the new Cosmo format “Tilki uyavi” , development of Cosmo store positioning for 2020-2021 (project “Easy bootie”), brand creation project management “Easy Buti”, implementation/maintenance of the project, 2 STM brands (TM Mari e Monti, TM Mia), 2 new Cosmo brands (TM Love Skin. TM GO), support, replication and control of ongoing promotional campaigns (catalog, indoor, outdoor, POS materials, digital), development of strategies for large-scale promotional campaigns (idea – presentation-development of a key visual, control of replication), opening/maintenance of new retail facilities according to the company’s brand book, creating layouts of exclusive elements (signage, light boxes, etc.), development of drawings and visuals of unique commercial equipment, monitoring and support of the contractor’s work, conducting tenders, creation of technical specifications and briefings for agencies, development of key packaging layouts for your own brands, creation and adaptation of STM packaging according to market trends, improvement, adaptation and systematization of permanent promotional materials, project budgeting.

STM packaging designer
April 2017 &#8212 May 2019
Development of brand guides for all Cosmo brands with (16 brands), development of key-visual sku lines for STM products, development of STM product packaging layouts, adaptation of existing layouts to different types of containers, negotiations with printing houses, control of packaging printing (at the printing house).

TS Candy Store
Graphic designer
February 2012 &#8212 March 2017
Design and engineering of commercial equipment, opening of retail facilities, design of pos materials, package design.

TS Candy Store
May 2009 &#8212 January 2012
Design of pos materials, package design, store decoration.

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KNEU them. Vadim Hetman
International Economics and management
September 2004 &#8212 July 2008

Training center “Success”
graphic design, interior design on a PC, interior design
September 2008 &#8212 May 2010


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