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App building is made easy with a Back-End Developer

Software development

Developing architecture and backend

Translations of business correspondence

Making report

Registration of documentation

Work experience
    • Remote Helpers (Back-end Developer, Analyst)
    • July 2022 — present
    • Developing architecture and backend for a new web and mobile platform from scratch, implementing new services/features as a backend developer, contributing to all phases of software development life cycle, and following industry best practices.
    • Remote Helpers (Analyst)
    • March 2022 - July 2022
    • Some experience as an analyst. I worked with Google Analytics and Google Data Studio (Looker Studio). After that, most of my experience is working as a Python back-end developer, so some more experience with Python, Flask web framework, just a bit of working with neural networks (with PyTorch), and making a Viber bot using aforementioned technologies.
    • ITstep (C++ and Python teacher)
    • February 2023 - present
    • Beyond my main job I teach courses in Python web development and basic C++ programming.
    • Avis-East (Manager)
    • January 2019 — August 2019
    • Registration of documentation for deliveries of materials. Translations of business correspondence, reporting.
    • Metallurgical Vocational School (Faculty of technology)
    • September 2009 — July 2019 | Bachelor
    • EF SET certificate (C2 Proficient)
    • December 2021 | Technical and vocational education
    • Stepik platform (Python course)
    • 2020 | Technical and vocational education
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