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Front-end specialist

Front-end developer deals with the adaptive and cross-browser layout of websites, engaged in direct programming of the site's functionality and animating the interface components.

Back-end developer

The back-end developer is responsible for creating algorithms and application optimization. The correct work of scripts on the server-side ensures the functioning of the website's internal mechanisms.

QA developer

QA dev controls all the software development and management processes. Their main goal is to prevent defects and bugs in production.

Full stack developer

Full stack engineers work with servers, databases, site structure and design, client and server sides of the website or application.

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Full-stack web development

Full-stack web development involves creating both a web application's front-end (client-side) and back-end (server-side).

Front end development

Front end development is a process of creating user interfaces. Front end dev determines the design and structure of a website, develops elements that users can interact with.

Back end web development

Back-end development focuses on data, modeling, and back-end. It refers to the server-side of the website and mostly contains an app, a database, and a server.
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