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Everything needs to be advertised. And we know you have already created a unique ad. To make the right audience see it — you should refer to Media-buyers. Those guys know all the things of working with advertising sellers, they can do a lot just on personal ties with representatives of ad carriers.

How to save on Media-buying services and make this ad more useful? In my application, I’d like to share with you some tips on how to keep up with the progress.


The use of external media buyers can be beneficial due to very large discounts received by a specialized Agency/Company from the medium represented by it. It’s all about HIRING REMOTELY. It is well known that services from countries where average earnings are lower, will cost much cheaper.

Remote Helpers offers young aspiring Marketers. And now I’ll try to prove on facts that it’s better than services from the promoted Agency or Freelancers.

1. The best way to find a loyal employee — is to grow it yourself.

Our guys, due to their little experience, grab greedily all of the new information they are getting in the process of learning and self-improvement. Employees from Remote Helpers are perfectly contacting with Team Leads and quickly get up to date with any company, because they have already worked on several projects before You.

2. You can not be afraid that an employee you hired may be unscrupulous.

It is very difficult to control all working processes of a third-party Company where you ordered some service, as well as a Freelancer. But not in our case. All our employees work from offices and are always online. You can chat in real-time and make your edits and adjustments at any convenient moment. Our employees send daily reports about what they did during a day! Where else can you see this? And as a bonus and proof that employees from Remote Helpers work for the result and are fully committed to their work — we continue to monitor the working process even outside working hours and on weekends.

Media buyers keep in touch with Publishers all the time, monitor the conversion and, if necessary, download new urgent offers.

3. Our media buyers work on any of the conventional techniques for your business.

CPC, CPI, CPM, CPA, CPL, CPT. That is, you pay only for the result you are set for.

4. We take all the risks of communicating with Publishers or Advertisers.

We track clicks and understand that a certain click led to the sale of a certain product, and therefore the payment will be received by the Publisher who led this click. It is possible to provide statistics on the latest payments, as well as on the overall performance of Publishers.

5. In our work, we use plenty of systems and trackers to optimize and monitor the advertising campaign.

To call them in the article by name, I certainly will not) But I assure you that we have chosen the most effective and are in constant search of new.

6. As well as in the search for new partners.

Find Your Best Opportunities

The right choice is to find the right marketing staff.

Check out our website or contact us today, run your campaign with responsible and creative remote workers. Remote Helpers, a fairly young company, but already cooperates with more than 45 business representatives from around the world since 2018. Our customers were surprised that the stunning quality of the work can be so cheap.