Full-time/ part-time remote HR managers and HR assistants

Here you can find and hire Remote human resource manager who work with your employees, hire talents for your company, look through thousands of CVs, schedule numbers of interviews and work with various documents, solve current tasks. Candidates provided by Remote Helpers for positions of virtual HR assistants, HR managers possess the following professional and soft skills: organized, insightful, sociable and practical, multi-tasking, able to solve non-standard tasks. 

With the help of our candidates, you can free up more time for solving more important tasks of your business development. Working closely with your RK department HR managers organize the effective work of your employees and help in managing your company. 

What human resources management services can you get by hiring our remote HR managers/assistants?

Recruiting and head – hunting

Monitoring the labor market, owning information about the current situation with personnel, average wages in the market and informing management about it.

Planning for personnel needs in the near future and in the long term, creating a reserve of employees, as well as an operational search for the right specialists.

HR Manager

Search for new sources and methods for finding professional employees.

Recruitment, selection and evaluation of applicants. Interviewing candidates.

  • Drafting and execution of employment contracts, agreements, the formation and accounting of personal files of employees.
  • Develop programs for staff development, business career planning, training and advanced training, as well as in assessing the effectiveness of training.
  • Organization of internship programs, training, advanced training, certification of employees, development training, social programs.
  • Take part in the adaptation of newly hired workers.
  • Motivation of company employees, finding an individual approach to them.
  • Monitoring compliance with the rules of the enterprise, taking part in the resolution of conflicts and disputes.

Remote HR manager/assistant from Ukraine is a employee who performs of the functions related to managing people, including the ability to carry out the selection of employees as necessary or formulate a search task for an outsourced hunter. Save your time and money by working with remote assistants. Contact us and we will select the candidates that suit your requirements.

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Virtual Assistants

600 Monthly
  • Equipment
  • Workspace
  • Employee's Salary


700 Monthly
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800 Monthly
  • Equipment
  • Workspace
  • Employee's Salary
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