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Check out which types of email copywriters are available now

An Email copywriter writes engaging copy that is used in digital marketing campaigns and programs. Choose a suitable candidate for your business.

Email manager

The mailing manager is responsible for planning and developing the overall email marketing strategies and meeting a company's business goals.

Email Writer

Writers create content to encourage customers to take action and click through to your landing page or new product and increase brand awareness.

Digital marketing writer

Digital marketing writer is responsible for creating online written content, building trust and loyalty with readers while engaging and informing them.

Look what digital marketing services the candidates can provide

Managers provide brand promotion, generate advertising campaigns and inform customers about new products to increase sales. See what digital marketing services you can get to develop your business.

Sending requests

Remote helpers know how to create original content and deliver convincing messages to existing and potential customers, promote and share news, information, and offers about a product or company.

Create an email campaign

Designing, implementing, and optimization of e-marketing campaigns to improve deliverability, click and conversion rates, maximize the opportunity for each campaign and achieve specific business goals.

Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead Nurturing includes sending digital correspondence to move leads from the consideration stage to the decision stage, show more details about a product or service, highlight its best features.
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    We are looking for an email marketing specialist to deal with our mailing services and strategies. The tasks will be monitoring and creating a wide variety of digital marketing campaigns, identifying the target audience, designing and implementing direct emails, working with automation software, and building brand awareness. We also need you to know the basics of email marketing and the B1+ level of English.

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