Full-time / part-time remote media buyers

Full-time remote media buyers who manage and optimize traffic flow. Candidates conduct analytical work on many advertising platforms, mobile traffic, traffic from social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc. Digital media buyer includes knowledge of metrics (CPI, CPA, CPV, CPM, CPL), various models of advertising companies, teaser networks, ability to work with various advertising platforms, analytics services, evaluation of the effectiveness of purchased traffic, as well as software for a wide range of other advertising tools.

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It seems we can't find what you're looking for.

Remote Helpers is constantly working to improve the skills of remote media buyers and assistans from Ukraine, such as: interpersonal communication, presentation skills, analytical skills, negotiation skills. Our remote media buyers need to improve their knowledge and their practical application, but the companies that hired candidates helped them grow in their profession and performed such functions:

Media Buyer

Promotion and placement of your advertising products and services on information platforms in accordance with the requirements of your marketing department.​

Monitoring of advertising campaigns of competitors.

Optimization / minimization of advertising costs, document management, reporting.

Determining the optimal advertising platforms for promoting your business.

Negotiating with representatives of the media, media platforms, negotiates price conditions,time, volume of advertising, concludes an agreement on the placement of advertising products.

Media ratings, social media ratings, digital channels ratings.

Prices in various media and websites, the most profitable channels.

Control the placement of advertising, ensures that it is placed without distortion and in strict accordance with the requirements of your company.

Virtual media buyer develops and implements: strategic planning of the advertising campaign and advertising activities in general; high-quality implementation of advertising projects, preparation of advertising projects, optimize them; analysis of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Social media buyer analysis of ratings of mass media, television channels, websites, social networks (Facebook – Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) and available information platforms for advertising.

Digital media buyers help bring a motivated client to your resources. Remote candidates can help fetch traffic from social networks, newsletters, and other online resources. Working in a team with your professional employees and your marketing team lead will help you grow your business faster and save on your advertising budget.

Work with Remote Helpers save you time and money. If you are looking for a candidate for a media buyer position, contact us. We can do it immediately. You will receive a candidate who will meet your requirements.

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Virtual Assistants

600 Monthly
  • Equipment
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700 Monthly
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800 Monthly
  • Equipment
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