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How hard and costly it could be to find a good and reliable employee. Also, even more difficult to ensure that working conditions meet the needs of both parties. The solution to many problems, especially for SMB — is hiring a remote team.

This work style reached its peak of popularity in 2019. More and more employers reach out to the help of virtual workers and excited about their choice, while the rest neglect the new trends in the market and lag behind.

This brings incredible benefits to those who are new in the raging ocean called the Market. For those who just start their biz. As well as experienced business sharks who have burning and urgent projects.

FlexJobs recently surveyed 3,000 respondents, and the result showed that 63% of the surveyed business owners are in FAVOR of a virtual environment in the field of employment.


You do not limit yourself locally in finding employees. The whole globe becomes the environment for choice. Why you should lock yourself in frames and constantly bend under the conditions of possible candidates for a salary increase in connection with the cost of travel or moving? Talents can be in the most unexpected corner of the planet.


Research and experience prove that remote workers are more productive and passionate about their work. Imagine, you hire an employee for a specific job or project, especially if you set certain deadlines. Of course, he considers himself very useful to his employer and appreciates the fact that he is trusted, in this regard, the level of satisfaction with his work increases, which means he will work much harder and more productively.
Besides, remote staff, unlike regular office workers never throws the project on holidays, weekends and non-working hours. Here is a clear example of hard work and dedication.


Hiring remotely greatly saves your resources, and the first reason — when you communicate with the whole world, be crafty and invite a talented person from plenty of countries where average earnings are lower.

Consider the example of our company – Remote Helpers from Ukraine, which provide services of young, ambitious and promising guys with fresh thinking on a number of popular specialties: managers of various areas (sales, content, lead generation, support, media buying, SMM, SEO, etc.), developers (frontend, backend, unity, Android, iOS), designers ( 2D, 3D, Web, UI/UX) and more. The full list can be seen on the website. All employees are good English-speakers, and some of them can boast with knowledge of other languages.

Here, for comparison, the average salary of a Content Manager, you should pay in your country and at this company.

Despite the figures for the year, it is easy to calculate the benefit, compared with the monthly price, which is asked in the company Remote Helpers for the same services.

Note the caption at the bottom of the last pic. You are right! So we smoothly came to the next important point about saving.
The costs of food, organization, and arrangement of the workplace, utilities, necessary equipment, penalties in the form of travel costs and delays due to long travel, all this is assumed by the company providing you with an employee.

You can have people working in different time zones.

Production never stops, so it will be very useful to have at least one person on staff from another time zone. This means that someone will be at work, update social networks, contact users at any time and do not make them wait for a response, while the rest of the employees of your territory will sleep sweetly and prepare for a new working day.


Expanding the scope of recruitment and cooperation with people of different mentalities, language groups, religions will provide an opportunity to get a new look at possible problems. And indeed! Give your business a chance to spread to all corners of the planet, thanks to the new connections received.

How to find exactly your remote assistants.

Regardless of where, how and on what resources you try to look for your staff, do not forget about the important factor-face-to-face communication. Since the hiring and signing of a cooperation agreement takes place online, you should be careful and protect both sides from fraud, which is not excluded.
All the same Remote Helpers, provide employees for hiring only after an interview by video link, such as Skype, a contract is created with coverage of all the nuances and details. All employees work from equipped cozy offices and are constantly in touch. This is a significant advantage compared to Freelancers.

The world of remote work is wide enough, join it and keep up with the times.
Create own perfect team, ready to work productively and conquer the heights!