Should you hire a remote SMM manager to promote your company? Exactly!

Dedicated Social Media Managers who we already tested for our company are ready to work for you. We sort the best ones to provide our clients with additional staff. Some of them are managing accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other channels for marketing agencies and private businesses. Those companies who have hired virtual employees from us once get significant price benefits from recruiting local employees and keep on expanding their team with our company.

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How businesses use social media for marketing?

Businesses of all sizes use different social media channels to attract customers. If you don’t speak directly with your targeted audience through social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram you’re missing out!

All the people use social media in their daily life. It helps you to promote your product or service by showing it to people while they’re just scrolling their news feed.

Among our clients you can find Marketing Agencies that manage several social media accounts for their clients, mobile apps that constantly approach bloggers and influencers to promote their products.

SMM Agency VS Social media manager

The most popular question is whether you should Hire Social Media Managers or get SMM Agency services. While SMM agency’s assistance price varies from $1500-$5000 per month our outstaffing company can provide you with a dedicated manager for $600-$800 per month.

Many people who used to work with social media agencies turn to them over and over. However, they usually complain that there is no chance to work with the same manager as they work on project basis only. And clients wish to find new solutions. Hiring from us you receive a full time employee who works only for your company for a long term. So you can be sure that this person knows your market and product after a while and you don’t need to explain the same things to another employee one more time.

There is no doubt that paid advertising in social media works well and is more popular. BUT organic SMM is nothing less than the paid one especially if you work in B2B.

Organic social media marketing is promoting your brand, post, account, and overall business through organic social media use without fronting money to “boost” content.

But with constant social media algorithm changes and businesses trying to be on top of people’s feeds by using paid advertising, you doubt organic (non-paid) social media marketing is still effective? Sure! 

You can post as much as you want, giving you potentially limitless access to your audience. And if you have a tight budget, organic social media is cost-effective. 

Nevertheless, if you don’t have many followers on your social media this method won’t work. Our dedicated remote employees as universal soldiers can start the way from scratch. So to attract followers with the help of lead generation and then stir up their interest by updating your media channels regularly with content that is appropriate for your website and audience. People will naturally find your page/profile and follow it then start to like your posts, retweet, repost or share it so you can expand your reach. They’re going to engage with your materials and your page will be visited more often. Moreover, our social media managers will do further correspondence with your customers as people prefer to respond to a company’s post than a random advertisement appearing in their feed.

Also, video content is more popular in social media. If you still don’t have a YouTube channel for instance, that’s the time to create it. Remote Video Editors and Designers from our company will be glad to enliven your content by creating advertising posts and explanatory videos to visualize the message you want to send. So you don’t need to speak about your product each time but just show it to the customers.  

Whether investing in social marketing is in your budget, one thing remains true: organic social media marketing is just as important as it was in the past. Before considering a paid approach, take the time to test and weigh the consequence of posting organic content. You may fully understand what your followers want to see by communicating with your audience. 

With our company the process of hiring an SMM manager is very simple. Set up a call with us to describe your tasks to manage. No need to interview thousands of the candidates to pick the right one. You may look through video interviews of the candidates we offer and choose the best one for you. Don’t put this matter off and start the next day.

Social media manager makes a content plan, creates pictures, writes articles and titles for posts to submit your service or product in social media life.

In addition, SMM employees help you to implement your corporate style to all the profiles you have. Branding helps your customers to recognize your company easily.

Do you still doubt? Stop here and contact us to hire an SMM manager and your business will be booming. 

Here are some examples of posts our social media managers did for clients:

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