Hire Remote Front-end developer Mark B.

Hire Remote Front-end developer
Mark B.

Hi, my name is Mark, I’m 27. I live in Kiev. Previously I worked in three companies such as Yandex, Flatfi and Na5ku. When I worked in Yandex I had to process data for Yandex.maps and perform manual testing.In Flatfi I was a content creator, I also should update information about property on web site.My last was in company na5ku where I was a manager. I had to work with staff and clients. Now I would like to be a web developer or do scrapping. I have some experience in scrapping, I made such projects on freelance. I like programming and I have been learning it for over a year. I chose Python as my programming language. I independently studied the basic level, and recently finished Advanced Python course at Hillel school. My experience in the remote work is 5 years. Almost all my work was remote. I collected and processed data, filled the site with content, worked with clients and staff. I can work both in a team and on my own. But for me it’s more comfortable to work independently, it helps me to be more focused and solve problems on my own. As for my qualities I would like to say that I am responsible, punctual, communicative.I’m a fast learner. Now, I’m looking for a full time job. In the future, I want to become a full stack python developer. In my work I like to see its result. Thank you for your attention.Bye.

Work Experience

Remote Helpers
Front-end developer
December 2020 — present
Researching, designing, implementing and managing software programs.

Clients support
January 2020 — December 2020
Interaction with clients, organization of work with personnel, participation in the improvement of the service.

Website content creator
January 2018 — June 2018
Adding information to the website, creating and editing content, updating information.

Data processing specialist,Accessor
August 2016 — January 2018
Collecting and processing data, coordinating the work of specialists, software testing.

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Python advanced

Taras Shevchenko Kyiv National University
History department
September 2011 — February 2017


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